New Music up!!

2009-10-12 17:13:50 by duckman1088

Sup dudes,

New music is up from the band! Check that shit out and rate the shit out of it!



2008-03-29 01:15:06 by duckman1088

Jesus have I been apart of Newgrounds since 2004? Holyshit time flys. I was 14. wtf?

The days.

2008-03-22 16:14:56 by duckman1088

Any one remeber BlindxLink? He used to make great flash. we need to get him back. Convince him to come back by E-mailing him at Love ya buddy!

Its great to be back!

2008-01-03 21:12:05 by duckman1088

Im Gonna try to get some flash on here. We will see how school goes. Its been a long f'en time since I have been on Newgrounds. But I'm back Baby!

Its great to be back!